October Update

They say time flies when you are having fun!  Well all I can say is that I must have been really enjoying myself as it does not seem a month ago since I last emailed you all.  Much has happened in the last month and I would really appreciate hearing from any of you about your “beer news” or anything you think it might be helpful for the sub branch to know.

Pub news

Today as I passed by the ex Pig in the City, a painter and decorator was busy restoring the “The Lower George Hotel” banner.  The small pub sign for the Pig remained suspended at the top of the building but the Pig name banner has gone.  Does this mean we have signs of an imminent event?  Does anyone know anything?

The Fountain Inn has changed hands with Peter and Joy moving to the Three Horseshoes near Alcester.  We wish them well, as we do to Ben McCullagh as the new Landlord.

I am sure you have all heard about the Union and the well publicised action of Enterprise in bringing about the sudden departure of Richard and Matt.  Lets hope that Richard and Matt go on to better things and that Enterprise can find a new tenant for the Union.  This is a time when Camra’s Pub co campaign really comes home.

Brewery news

Tuesday 8th October brings a “glorious” occasion for Gloucester Brewery as they see their Gloucester Gold appear amongst the elite selection of beers at the Strangers Bar in the Houses of Parliament.  Well done to Jared and the team for this achievement and for Richard Graham, Gloucester’s MP for promoting not only the Gloucester Brewery but the Docks and the City.

On our recent sub branch trip to Cotswold Spring when we all enjoyed an excellent evening with Nic the Brewer and of course Mark, the man in charge, we had the opportunity to sample their delicious new brew “Bard”.  Described as a “pale malty beer” it is a real contender to the pale hoppy beers.  Look out for it soon it is definitely one to try.

Sub branch news

Over the last few months we worked hard to publicise our Special Meeting where we looked to the future of the sub branch and a possible new committee.  I am delighted to report that we have a 12 strong committee with a mix of old and new faces.  The meeting was very well attended and we even had a visitor from Camra in the Isle of Man!  For those of you who have not heard, I must assume you have been out of the Country, I was elected to be Chair. Although I have enthusiasm, I must admit that I have a lot to learn about Camra, the industry and beer, but I hope you will all feel able to support me in that journey.

The committee is as follows:
Webmaster – Mike Webb; Secretary – Ruth Webb; Social Secretaries – Neil Richardson and Caz Plaister; Clubs Officer – Trev Miles; Pubs Officer – Ali Turner; Beer Festival Liaison – Jerry Matthews; General committee members – Owen Carter, Steve Wilkins, Darrel Kirby and Theo Bennett.

The new committee would like to say a big thank you to Dave Winnington, Bill Pike and Mark Richards for their work for the sub branch over the years. All decided not to stand for re-election but we know we will be able to contact them when we need some wise words of advice.

Next events

9th October sees our stroll round Cheltenham.  For easy convenience for the bus stops we have agreed to meet at the Bank House around 8.00 pm.  For those of you who object to a Weatherspoons pub, you can always meet us outside at 8.15 pm when we will start our stroll.  For those travelling by bus, ask for a West evening rider which should cost around £3.30 if you travel after 7pm.

16th October is our next social meeting in Gloucester.  Unfortunately I will not be able to attend but the meeting will start at the Imperial.  Tom Kennedy the longstanding Landlord is expecting the visit to start the evening.  There will be a visit on to either the Abbey or the New Inn or both, and for those who want to enjoy the first night of the Winter Ales festival at Weatherspoons, those who wish to participate can wander onto the Water Poet (or the Regal if you really want to).

23rd October is the County Branch AGM, members only.  This will take place at the Sandford Park Alehouse in Cheltenham, 7.45 for 8.00 prompt start.

We are also taking bookings for our trips in November and December as well as the Christmas Party.  Please contact me if you wish to book a place on any of the trips leading up to Christmas.  At the end of the year when we launch our new programme, Neil and Caz will take over.

A date for the diary – Camra in Gloucester 2nd Beer and Cider Festival is to take place on 4th/5th April 2014.

Whilst not in our patch, can I just highlight that Favourite Beers in Cheltenham are celebrating their 3rd birthday this week.  Please do pop along to the shop for one of their events.  For those of you who want some info, then look at their website www.favouritebeers.com , but the key day is Saturday 12th when you can enjoy free beer tasting, special offers, spot prizes and enter competitions.

If you see me or any of the committee whilst you are out and about, do come and say hello.



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