July Update

Dear All,

Have you missed me?  I suspect not if the lack of communication on the matter is anything to go by, but that is as it ever was, and I hope at least this communication finds you all well.  My lack of email was due to a problem with my computer, and whilst I could send limited individual emails by other means, main circulation lists were a problem.  Please remember if you would prefer not to receive these emails, just let me know and I will take you off the circulation list.

Much has gone on since I last wrote to you.  The 3rd Gloucester Beer and Cider Festival is long gone, and the Cotswold Beer Festival at Postlip is nearly upon us, but more about that later.

Past events

3rd Gloucester Beer & Cider Festival – thank you to everyone who attended and particularly to those who volunteered, you all made it such a great event.  As in the previous year, we had nearly 2000 people through the door, with over 100 different beers on offer, and around 35 ciders.  We managed to drink nearly all of that, plus consumed in the region of around 40 kilos (88 lbs) of local cheese.  It would be really good, even at this stage to have any feedback from you about the festival, good or bad, as it helps us to look at how we can keep the standard for next year.

Whilst we have had some good trips out, there seems to be a distinct lack of interest in most things that are currently being organised.  This is very disheartening for those who put time and effort into organising the programme.  If there are trips you would like to see, please let us know and we will see what is possible.  Please remember that we have to arrange these at least three months in advance in order to get the programme in the Tippler.

Coming events

Saturday 4th July, there is a service bus trip to Hereford, with a stop off in Ross on the way back.  The trip will be leaving Gloucester Bus Station on the No 33 Stagecoach bus at 10.00 am.  For those of you not old enough yet for free bus passes, it is usually possible to get an explorer ticket around £6.50 but Stagecoach seem to be updating their ticket information at the moment.

Wednesday 15th July, Social meeting 8.00 pm at the Little Thatch, Quedgeley.  Stagecoach 12a leaves Gloucester Eastgate Street at 1950 and gets to Quedgeley at 2000.

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th July, Cotswold Beer Festival at Postlip.  This is our County beer festival and has been going for many a year!  Set in the idyllic grounds of Postlip just outside Winchcombe, this really should be on your “to do” list.  Tickets are available now on line http://www.gloucestershirecamra.org.uk/cbf/ or are available at certain outlets eg Favourite Beers in Cheltenham.  Tickets can be purchased at the same time for the buses which run from Cheltenham to the Festival, details on the website.

Should you wish to volunteer to help at Postlip, it is not too late.  For those working either Friday or Saturday evening, provided you can get to Postlip, there is the offer of transport back to Gloucester if that helps.  Camping is also available for helpers or there may also be some space in cars if it helps.  For helpers, there is the offer of a subsidised visit to Donnington Brewery!  Most of you will know that it has only been on very rare occasions that trips around the brewery have taken place.  If you would like to volunteer please go to either the website or contact me direct.

Saturday 1st August, Malvern Link and Worcester by train.  Meet at Gloucester train station 1120 for the 1136 train.

14th – 15th August, Cheltenham Real Ale Festival, Town Hall.  Again volunteers welcome see Cheltenham website.

Pub and Brewery News

Tank opened in Gloucester Docks in May and is proving to be a very popular destination with a range not only of Gloucester Brewery’s own beers but some very good guest ales.

Today the new Weatherspoons, the Lord High Constable of England opened.  It has certainly enjoyed a few visitors today, and I look forward to hearing what people think.  It certainly looks very nice from the outside, and they seem to have put some effort into the setting.

The Bat and Ball in Churchdown is awaiting new management, with their anticipated arrival in August.

It will be interesting to see if the possibility of Brew Dog moving to Gloucester comes to fruition.  It would certainly indicate that Gloucester, which we all know to be a great place, is being recognised for the potential that it has.  Although not CAMRA’s favourite organisation it would still be a very welcome addition to the area.

Please remember that if you are looking for a great night out with excellent free music and great ales, several pubs in Gloucester offer this.  The Dick Whittington and the Fountain offer a great choice, as do many others, Cafe Rene, Cross Keys, sorry to those I have missed.  The Blues Festival will be upon us soon so do look out for whats on, and go have a great night out.

Hillside Brewery, whilst not technically on our patch, it is not too far out of Gloucester and we have sort of adopted them!  Hillside put on some really good events many for charity, so have a look at the website to see what is on.

Last but DEFINITELY not least – please read

I have mentioned before that the AGM for CAMRA in Gloucester will be held in September, the committee will be setting the date soon, trying to avoid important World Cup dates will be the main issue. This is not to be confused with the Branch AGM which is held in October each year.  CAMRA in Gloucester is organised by members living in the GL1 – GL4 post code areas and means that there are events and a social network organised locally rather than it all coming under the responsibility of the mainly County wide branch.  If the local focus is to continue, we need more people to step up and get involved in the sub branch.  Unfortunately the time has come for me to step down from being sub branch Chair, and in September I will not be standing for re-election.  This means we will be looking for a new Chair and possibly some committee members.  If anyone is interested please have a discussion with me about the role, confidentially if you prefer.  Remember if no one comes forward, Gloucester may have to be run by the Branch.

Look forward to seeing some of you out and about having a beer (or cider)

Best wishes


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